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Welcome parents, students and sponsors! NCJCS is proud to unveil our new website, and hopes that with time it will provide a great resource to all participants, supporters, and volunteers of our program.

Enrollment for the 2024 is open! Apply today online. Students pre-enrolled should expect emails from NCJCS soon.

Selling Points

NCJCS was developed in 1981 with the intent of providing an extension to the Pennsylvania Hunter Trapper Education program.  Since then the program has developed into a comprehensive environmental education program, with a goal of providing for the development of a conservation ethic in the future leaders.

In the past thirty years more than 700 youth ages 14 through 18 have participated in this program.  Many students return to NCJCS as volunteers to share their experiences and support our mission of conservation through education.  Others have moved on to careers in the environment within industry and government agencies.

NCJCS is truly a once in a life time opportunity.

Community Service

NCJCS and our partners organize and provide many volunteer opportunities to give back to the resource.  Please stop by and see what events are coming up, we will make every effort to keep the postings up to date!


The Northampton County Junior Conservation School, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center, has diligently developed the curriculum presented during our week-long program.

The program touches on the “critical elements” or land, water, air, and wildlife, and then ties everyday social, economic, political, and moral behaviors into the lessons, in an effort to show our participants how their very existence affects the world around us, and how decision making and management practices can limit those impacts.

It is not the intent to indoctrinate the participants, instead it is our goal to develop leadership potential, encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and provide the tools to consider the consequences of their actions.

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