In the Field

Northampton County Junior Conservation School - Conservation Through Education

While conventional classroom style instruction and learning is effective, the Northampton County Junior Conservation School places a strong emphasis on Field Trips and Hands-on Learning experiences. These field experiences include a two day study of the Delaware River watershed while canoeing the Delaware River, visits to a wildlife rehabilitation center, water and waste water treatment facilities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, environmental devastation areas, and forest ecosystems. The School also includes instruction in First Aid and Safety, Firearms safety and Handling, Backpacking, Canoeing, Water Quality Testing, and other interesting outdoors experiences.

Northampton County Junior Conservation School recognizes that to create an environmentally suitable world for future generations, the youth of today must adopt a sound conservation ethic and develop excellent leadership skills. Our program is designed to develop the leaders of the next generation who have an awareness of the critical environmental and ecological issues that affect our very existence.

Program Areas and Highlights

  • Forestry/Forest Ecology
  • Watershed Protection/Management
  • Agricultural Issues
  • Canoeing and Water Safety
  • Shooting Sports/Safe Gun Handling
  • Hiking/Camping/Backpacking
  • Air Quality
  • Political/Community Activism
  • Land Use
  • Wildlife Management/Conservation and much more!