Cost to Participate

Bill and Anna Halbfoerster celebrating an NCJCS completion.

The Northampton County Junior Conservation School provides food and accommodations at our facility and transportation to and from all field trips. These items are covered by a registration fee of $250. In order to attend the school, the student must complete an application form. Upon receipt of the application form, a full application packet will be sent to the applicant.

Payment of the registration fee is no longer required due to donations received from the family of one of the NCJCS co-founders, William and Anna Halbfoerster. As avid lovers of the outdoors, the Halbfoerster’s believed in access to this conservation school being open and available, and their family’s annual commitment helps keep it so.

Please note that NCJCS does appreciate any voluntary donations by students, their parents, or any sponsoring organizations to help offset the costs of administration for the program each year, which can be processed at the time of the application.

Although NCJCS is free to attend for all students 13-17, a refundable $50 place holder fee is required with each student application. The $50 fee will be refunded upon completion of the program.