Northampton County
Junior Conservation School

P.O. Box 261
Bath, Pennsylvania 18014

Cost to Participate

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The registration fee is paid either by the students' parents or sponsors of the student must provide any other necessary equipment. The Northampton County Junior Conservation School provides food and accommodations at our facility, and transportation to and from all field trips.      

A $75.00** non-refundable student fee must accompany the application form. After the fee and application form are received, a full application packet will be sent to the applicant. Upon return of the full application to NCJCS the sponsorship fee is due. The sponsorship fee of $175.00 is typically provided by a sporting/conservation/civic organization or is covered by the parents of the applicant. All students requesting assistance in securing a sponsor will be assisted to the best of our ability .

The full cost of the NCJCS is $250.00. Contact Us for More information

** Update - Registrations received prior to April 15, 2017 will have the $75.00 registration fee waived.

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