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Action Team

Action Team Northampton County Junior Conservation School

The Action Team is a group of NCJCS Alum that get together to volunteer, perform service projects, or just get outside.

Action Team events that are available for public participation will be added to the Community Service section under Parent/Students/Sponsors periodically.

If you have suggestions for action team events please feel free to contact us.

 August Action Team Event at Bake Oven Knob


NCJCS supporters collected three bags of trash and one bag of cans, and we did not even make it to the bottom. Bake Oven Knob is a problem area for litter because of its easy accessibility for those who are not going to the woods to admire the scenery.

Large amounts of trash can be found in the area and throughout the numerous unauthorized campsites that have popped up there over the years. Our goal was to at least for a short time get the area cleaned up and the trash moved to a more proper disposal area. The cans, well you might be using those in the future, they went off to the recycling center.

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